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Sauna Products Why use a Far Infrared Sauna? Health Benefits Colour Therapy Why a HealthTek Sauna?
Why Use a Healthtek Far infrared sauna?
* Healthtek is a well established company and has been importing since 2004
* All our products are iso2001 and carry ce mark.
* We believe in offering value for money as well as excellent customer service.
* Healthtek is an industry leader in Health products.
* Superior Design through Quality
* After sales service and back up.
* HealthTek is Reputable company
Before you buy
 It's vital that you choose the right far infrared sauna for your situation.

We suggest that you need to check out the following:

1. Choose a Far Infrared sauna only. You can get a combined Far infrared and conventional sauna but it is more expensive and you lose some of the far infrared benefits

2. Make sure that the sauna is made from non-toxic inert woods. Otherwise any chemical intolerance can be worsened. We have a certificate that our wood is non toxic.

3. Far infrared saunas can be provided that seat 1,2,3 or more people. Choose one that meets your expected needs.

4. Check that they give you a manual for using the infrared sauna

Just so you know, we provide the following:

We're Infrared Sauna experts because we concentrate on making our infrared saunas better.
Our far infrared saunas are constructed with the inert wood hemlock fir
We stock a range of sauna sizes, including 1,2,3 and 4 persons saunas.
We're Cape Town based (our address and phone number is on our Website so we're pretty easy to get hold of if you find problems.
Ultimate Far infrared sauna HealthTek South Africa
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