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Why Use Far infrared Sauna?

* Why use a Far infrared Saunas?
* What is a Far infrared Energy?
* How does the Far infrared Healthtek Sauna Work?
* What are the advantages of Far infrared sauna?
* What you need to bag a great sauna?

Why use a Far Infrared?

Far Infrared Sauna Heater Technology by Healthtek
Infrared light is part of the Sun's invisible spectrum of light. The benefits of Far-infrared light are manifested in its ability to penetrate the human tissue. Infrared heater technology uses these Far-infrared light characteristics to provide you with several healthful benefits. The experience of a Far infrared sauna is akin to sunbathing, which gives you the radiant beauty that is all your own. The Far-infrared heat (Far-infrared light waves) penetrates your skin, giving you that wonderful natural warmth. Unlike sunbathing, you can relax in a Far infrared sauna for hours and it will never cause your skin to burn. Infrared heater technology is completely healthy and safe for all living things. We believe our Far infrared Saunas benefits speak for themselves.
Far Infrared Sauna Vs Conventional Sauna

Why Use a far infrared sauna

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What is Infrared Energy?

The electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three segments by wavelength, which is measured in microns (1/1,000,000 of a meter).

0.76 to 1.5 microns = near infrared

1.5 to 5.6 microns = middle infrared

5.6 to 1000 microns = far infrared Electromagnetic Spectrum

This wavelength of light warms objects without warming the air between the source and the object (known as conversion).
This radiant heat can also be called Infrared Energy (IR). Do not confuse this with UV radiation (sunburn) or atomic radiation (nuclear) - see the diagram above for where these types of light fall on the spectrum. Infrared waves are not visible to human eyes but can be seen by special instruments that translate infrared into colors that are visible to our eyes. The best example is the sun (80% of the sun¨s rays are infrared). Our atmosphere allows infrared rays in the 7 to 14 micron range to safely reach the earth¨s surface.
When warmed, the earth radiates infrared rays with its peak output at 10 microns.
The human body radiates infrared energy out through the skin at 3 to50 microns, with most around 9.4 microns.

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How Does Infrared Sauna Work?

What is the theory behind these sauna's?

* Far infrared sauna therapy is said to duplicate the healthy frequencies of our own cells. The tissues are   purported to selectively absorb these rays as the water in the cell reacts in a process called ^resonant absorption ̄.
* This resonant absorption is said to occur when the frequency of the far infrared matches the frequency of the water in the cell. This causes toxins from the cells to be put out into the blood stream and excreted in sweat, feces, and urine.
* Proponents of this therapy state that our tissues which are undergoing the healing process may need a boost of infrared to ensure the fullest healing response.
* Far infrared is claimed to penetrate the body¨s tissues to a depth of 40mm.
* Due to the deep penetration of infrared rays, a heating effect is observed deep in the muscular tissues and even into the internal organs.
* This ^deep heating, ̄ along with sweating, is thought to be responsible for the healing effects and the other health benefits associated with these infrared rays.

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Here are some of the Healthtek Sauna Techs Far infrared Saunas advantages:

Clinically proven health benefits:

  Warms up within 20 minutes.
  Deeper tissue penetration.
  More effective detoxification with Far-infrared heater technology.    Only nominal maintenance required.
  Plugs into a standard outlet.
  Cost R70 a month to operate.
  Fast assembly with no tools.
  No plumbing or ventilation required.
  Fresh air circulation allowed.
  Portable and breaks down in minutes

The far infrared heat is, in fact, a necessary form of energy that all living things require for optimum health. If we don't receive enough far infrared light from the sun, we become ill and depressed. All life forms on this planet;
animals, plants and humans, need this abundant far infrared light to be completely tranquil, calm, and healthy. The radiant heat from it surrounds us and penetrates deeply into our joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. Using a portable HealthTek sauna helps to purify our cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins, such as cholesterol and heavy metals. When used properly, this healing technology has zero side effects.
Not only are our Far infrared sauna line of products more cost effective, but it's also the best treatment you can give your body! Consider one for yourself today.

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Heat is on the surface of the skin - no cardiovascular workout

You Can Benefit From Using an Infrared Sauna Too

Far infrared saunas can even be used by heart patients. Obviously having checked with their doctors first!

The reason?

It's because the high air temperatures of a conventional sauna is likely to be uncomfortable for heart patients. The lower temperatures in a far infrared sauna make it a much more pleasant experience.

The Japanese are keen users of far infrared saunas and they have done vast amounts of research to check its safety and its use in promoting health and healing.

Far Infrared Studies (Clinical Research Cases)
In the first clinical study by the First Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kagoshima University , Kagoshima , Japan Nanpuh Hospital, Kagoshima , Japan reported that repeated 60<C sauna treatment improves clinical symptoms in patients with chronic heart failure.

A further clinical study reported in Journal of the American College of Cardiology (2002; 39:754-759) concluded that repeated far infrared sauna treatment improves vascular endothelial function, resulting in an improvement in cardiac function and clinical symptoms.

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What You Need To Know?

To Bag A Great Infrared Sauna
It's vital that you choose the right far infrared sauna for your situation.
We suggest that you need to check out the following:

1. Choose a Far Infrared sauna only. You can get a combined Far infrared and conventional sauna but it is more expensive and you lose some of the far infrared benefits

2. Make sure that the sauna is made from non-toxic inert woods. Otherwise any chemical intolerance can be worsened. We have a certificate that our wood is non toxic.

3. Far infrared saunas can be provided that seat 1,2,3 or more people. Choose one that meets your expected needs.

4. Check that they give you a manual for using the infrared sauna

Just so you know, we provide the following:

We're Infrared Sauna experts because we concentrate on making our infrared saunas better.
Our far infrared saunas are constructed with the inert wood hemlock fir
We stock a range of sauna sizes, including 1,2,3 and 4 persons saunas.
We're Cape Town based (our address and phone number is on our Website www.healthtek.co.za) so we're pretty easy to get hold of if you find problems.

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