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Xtreme sky jumpers run jump like a bok SA
Adults Sky Jumpers
Kids Sky Jumpers
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Xtreme sky JumpersVibro Power Plate
Cape town xtreme sky jumperscrazy fit vibration Plate

Hours of funMaximum Weight 250kg

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We are direct suppliers of Extreme sky jumpers. This is South Africa's latest craze. Our products are 100% authentic and direct from the authorized Supplier. Order now for our Low cost prices. Become the next Xtreme sky jumping Champion. Go on jump like a bok.

The adult model Sky Walker give the ability to jump up to 6 feet in the air and take
running strides of up to 9 feet in length. Sky Walker are for the average athletically
inclined person and the professional circus performer!

Incredible basketball slam-dunks, amazing flips, breath-taking heights -all are made
possible with the Sky Walker!
Adult Sizes
Model SA60 SA70 SA80 SA90 SA100
Weight capacity 60-70KG 70-80kg 80-90kg 90-100kg 100-110kg

Kids Sizes
Model Sk40 SA50 SA60
Weight capacity 40-50KG 50-60kg 60-701kg
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