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Shark infrared Massage tapper model: SMH-100 GREY
Shark Massage infrared tapper 
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Relieve aching muscles and back painVibro Power Plate
No more back pain
Massage those aching muscles with a massage tappercrazy fit vibration Plate
Use the handheld massager to relieve

Massage tired legsMaximum Weight 250kg
Massage tired legs

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The product is a hand held and lightweight design. It is very easy to massage all over your tired and tense muscles with the powerful massage ball. This product is particularly relaxing for tense necks, shoulders, pectoral, thighs and the lower back.
Compact mechanism producing high frequency vibrations to achieve the purpose of beautifying the skin, firm the shallow skin tissue and dilating the blood vessels. The shark unique handle helps you massage aching and tired muscles all over your body
Key areas to massage:

Helps with recovery of muscle tension and fatigue.
1.Eliminate the pains caused by unsmooth circulation of breath and blood separately
2.Eliminate the fatigue caused by fierce sports and relax the muscle
3.Eliminate the convulsion in the shoulder caused by stiff neck when sleeping
4.Eliminate the pains caused by fatigue or rheumatism
5.The spherical masseur head is convenient for all parts of the body
6.Hot treatment by the long-distance infrared ray
7.Burning the fat, losing weight partly.
Voltage: A.C 200-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Vibration Frequency(high):3200 rotation per minute
Vibration Frequency(low: 2600 rotation per minute
Power: +18W
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