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Vibro Power Plate
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Vibration Power Plate Dialcrazy fit vibration Plate
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* Twin Power Motor Design. It provides a more balanced treatment, thus ensuring a more effective and efficient therapy

*The Slimming belt is equipped with a stand alone heating function designed to allow you maximum flexibility in the choice of features

* Five different speed and massaging style option

* There are two modes for you choose.

* Fashionable Portable Bag can let you carry it everywhere

* Auto-timer function of 10 minutes for all modes

* It can help you achieve the figure you are targeting with its slimming function.

It would be more effective along with healthy food, exercise, simple and normal life style

* It can assist in a basic toning of your body with its unique oscillating movement

* It aids the process of digestion with its variable speed and intensity.
Promotes better blood circulation around the points of contact and reduce muscles fatigue.
1. Help reduce unwanted fat in back, shoulder, waist, hip, thigh, and calf.
2. Promote peristalsis, clean up intestinal tract, and relieve constipation to rid your body of toxins, slim down waistline and beautify face.
3. Tone abdominal muscle layer to make skin tight and elastic.
4. Increase metabolism, burn excessive fat, recover from fatigue, prevent from Lactic forming for the purpose of achieving sharply curved body.
5. Compact design, ideal for home and office use.
6. Some users may experience itchiness after using the unit. This is not a side effect but it is an acclimation effect of our body to the vibration. Just rest for a while before using it again and your body will get used to it.
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