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massage comb infrared and magnetic (2 combs) mc001
Massage Comb Magnetic 
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massage Comb Magnetic and infrared comb massagerVibro Power Plate
2 comb set
Stop hair losscrazy fit vibration Plate
Massage comb mostly for bald people

Notice the differenceMaximum Weight 250kg
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The Hair Growth Stimulator is popular. Its reputation is spreading around the net. This revolutionary device claims to reverse hair loss by combining acupuncture and magnetic therapy. The Hair Growth Stimulator device produces micro-electric pulses to your hair follicles that stimulates blood flow, recovers cell vitality, reopens closed capillaries, increases melanin, and promotes conditions for hair re growth. Your hair will become thicker, stronger, and healthier.

The Hair Growth Stimulator's Suggested use is 15-20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. The hair follicles will become stronger with the increase in blood flow and nutrients. Once your hair follicles enlarge, your hair is able to grow. You will achieve thicker and fuller hair, with greater hair quality. 

Prevent hair loss and deep stimulation massage. The, unlike the normal
strong laser so disturb visions. This deep relaxing
stimulation hair loss comb for natural hair loss treatment
has pretty high success rating in Asia. The best result to use
it with Nigellelx hair nourishment.
The product is a low - power household comb massage that is proffessionally designed for bald heads. is is a new multifunctional comb massager that can be easily operated at home. it has a magic effect on removing oil stains, growing new hairs and preventing hair loss.
It will gradually recover rejuvenation through physical vibration to massage and promote head blood circulation effectively. Five - row special-made steel columns tease the head repeatedly to advance absorbency of hair follicles and fully exert the effect of hair- growth lotions. After its fully absorbency, tenuous new hairs gradually outgrow. 

Directions: Press the pins on your scalp in a combing action over your whole head, not just problem areas. Comb action should be slow, slower is better. If the stimulation is too strong, you can turn down the dial to a lower setting.

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