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Sauna Products Why use a Far Infrared Sauna? Health Benefits Colour Therapy Why a HealthTek Sauna?
3 person Far infrared sauna S -SERIES with colour therapy  Model FIR-3SGLT
  3 Person Far infrared sauna with light therapy S series 
View Large Image put mouse over  Colour Therapy as StandardColour therapy as standard
Colour Therapy
Far infrared Sauna AccessoriesFar infrared sauna Accessories
Radio/Cd player as standard

Far infrared sauna Accessories IonizerFar infrared sauna accessories Ioniser
Simply beautiful

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Advantages of FIR Sauna¨s

* Far infrared Saunas helps - Expels Toxins
* Far infrared Saunas known to - Reduces Stress
* Far infrared Saunas known to - Benefits your Skin
* Far infrared Saunas helps - Controls Your Weight
* Far infrared Saunas helps with - Pain Relief
* Far infrared Saunas - Provides the same effects of exercise
* Far infrared Saunas also- Improves Immune System

Buy a Sauna Today and get these fabulous accessories

Free Sauna Accessories:

* CD/AM/FM Stereo
* Built Speakers
* Inner and outer controls
* Oxygen Ionizer
* Tempered Glass
* Towel holder
* Magazine Holder
* Interior Lights
3 Person FIR Sauna Room
D:Outside light
3 Person FIR Sauna Room
Capacity:3 Person
Dual control panel: No
Far Infra red Heaters: 6pcs
Operating temperature:18-60 d/c
Power: 1900W
Wood:Cedar /Can.Hemlock
FM/CD Player: Yes
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