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Neck Massagers | Neck Massagers for sale Neck Massage

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Neck Massagers for sale South Africa

Buy Neck Massagers Direct from the importer. Relieve stress and pain in your shoulders by using the neck massager Contact us today for neck relieve 021 5567203

Neck Shoulder Massager-shoulder,waist,thigh,hip

Neck and Shoulder Massager

neck and shoulder massager

The Wrap Neck & Shoulder Massager The   Neck & Shoulder Wrap is the newest of its kind that you would find. Wish has two built –in tapping massager  and hammer and microcomputer control.

FUNCTIONS: The Neck & Shoulder Wrap consists of five functions:     AUTOMATIC MODE:

When Power is turned on the red light will flash. It has (20 types of automatic massage modes) the machine will operate with the 1st mode And evolve into the 20th mode starting the massage cycle.

NON – VIBRATION MODE:   Under the Automatic mode, press Mode button entering into the non Vibration mode.  Automatic Mode indicator light will turn red from blue and the massager will not vibrate any more.

The heating function is well in proofed for some users with Arthritis, rheumatism they prefer the (hot compress) and thermal therapy.   This function is tailor made for them. MANUAL MODE:

Under the non vibration mode Press the Mode Button and the buzzer will beep briefly  Transforming from mode of non vibration to Manuel mode.  Any press on the Mode button will change one type of mode. HEATING FUNCTION:

Press the heating Button and the buzzer will briefly, start heating function. Heating indicator light will turn yellow.  Heating function can be switched on / off any time. INTENSITY ADJUSTMENT:

Press Increase and Decrease button.   The buzzer will beep once briefly by every press.

(1) Relieves the ache from years of poor blood circulations, and improves the function Of the nervous and immune system.

(2) Relieves the fatigue from strenuous exercise, and relaxes the muscle.

(3) Burns the fat and reshapes perfect body curve.

(4) Relieves the shoulder pain from stiff neck, and promotes the good sound sleep.

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